- A certificate issued by Lincoln Medical University (the top 300 universities in the world in 2019, and the top 80 quality education in the world in 2020)

- The only confinement course in Malaysia with a simulated delivery room hospital and AI maternity robot teaching classroom

- Teaching team and teaching materials combined with Chinese and Western (cooperating with Malaysian Classic Chinese Medicine Association)

- The only confinement course team to receive special reports from NTV 7 frontline windows and 8TV Chinese news reports

- The only monthly training course in Malaysia that can obtain self-supporting cooperatives loan scholarship, and can also provide small and medium-sized enterprise loans to open confinement centers

- Arrange students to work as confinement specialists in Singapore and Australia

- Since 2015, the first major in Malaysia to offer confinement courses and obtain university certificates, with more than 200 graduates, many of whom have opened confinement centers throughout Malaysia